What My Clients Say

"Tim has really helped in planning for my daughter's college future. His direction in showing us how to save for this financial need has relieved a lot of stress on our family. Like with our life insurance...he has managed to make our future promising." -- Dr. Richard L. Harmon, P.D., client since 1998


"Tim is very personable and takes the time to listen to our needs.  He is helpful in explaining aspects of our insurance policies and helps us put our insurance objectives into action.  He continuously updates and makes recommendations for our family’s financial future and goals.” -- Larry and Kelly Millwood, clients since 2002


"With Tim as my agent, I never have to worry about my insurance needs. I feel confident that he will take care of everything for me.  Before finding an agent like Tim, I spent a lot of time searching for answers, fumbling through confusing policy guidelines, and being placed on hold for so long that I would be forced to hang up before getting to talk to the right person.  It is such a great feeling knowing I have a very knowledgeable, up-to-date, and accessible representative who seeks not only to establish a working friendship with his clients, but also the best solutions to tailor-fit our insurance needs." -- Kelly Williams 


The experience of the people described in this material may not be representative of the experiences of all of my clients. Furthermore, the experiences obtained by these people are not indicative of the future experiences that may be obtained by any of my clients.



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